Top Performing Cryptocurrencies within the Decentralized Finance Sector

Top Performing Cryptocurrencies within the Decentralized Finance Sector

The cryptocurrency sector has been expanding at a really fast rate ever since it debuted, and the past couple of years have been the fastest. In the past couple of years, many cryptocurrency sectors have been founded.

At present, the sectors dealing with the entertainment and technology sector are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. So many cryptocurrencies have been launched within these sub-categories of the crypto-verse, and they have built up quite the user followings.

However, the most popular category within the cryptocurrency universe is decentralized finance (DeFi). In this particular sector, people have been investing money and generating gains through different processes.

The users are able to perform trades, have stakes in cryptocurrencies, lend their DeFi cryptocurrencies, and do so much more. This is the reason why the particular sector is currently at the top.

DeFi Cryptocurrencies Performing Really Well

For a month, the overall cryptocurrency sector has been facing a demise. Even the major cryptocurrencies are not able to recover from the losses and the situation is becoming worse. Still, there are cryptocurrencies within the decentralized finance sector that are performing really well. This is the reason why even the major cryptocurrency brokers are always seen going for decentralized finance cryptocurrencies.

Listed below are some of the major cryptocurrencies from the decentralized finance sector with their performances in the past 30-days.

Ellipsis (EPS)

Ellipsis has continued growing at a high rate in the past 30-days and the investors have supported it at a tremendous rate. The weighted growth rate Ellipsis has observed in the particular time period is 72.18% and it is currently trading at a high price of $0.2808 per EPS.

The market valuation for Ellipsis currently stands at $193,064,355 and the 30-day trading volume Ellipsis has recorded is worth $3,517,110,939.

The price prediction for Ellipsis suggests it may elevate to $0.3258 per EPS in the upcoming days. As the demand for Ellipsis continues to grow higher, the price of Ellipsis may grow up to a high of $0.3567 per EPS.

Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC)

Kyber Network Crystal v2 is also a high-performing cryptocurrency. Its performance in the past 30-days shows that it has recorded a 44.40% weighted growth. Kyber Network Crystal v2’s price at present is worth $3.80 per KNC.

The trading volume recorded for Kyber Network Crystal v2 for a 30-day period is worth $6,247,978,136 and its valuation has also continued growing. As of now, Kyber Network Crystal v2’s valuation stands at $675,087,392.

Going forward, Kyber Network Crystal v2’s trading volume and valuation may grow higher. This would mean a surge in the trading price of KNC, where it would surge to $3.95 per KNC, and then $4.13 per KNC.

Maple (MPL)

Maple is also a good option for making investments as it has also witnessed a weighted 160.98% elevation in its value in the same period of time. Maple is witnessing strong input from investors who are eager to push its price higher. This is the reason why Maple is experiencing a huge surge in its rallies.

At present, the trading price of Maple is worth $57.95 per MPL and if the rally continues, its price may surge to $69.25 per MPL.

Orion Protocol (ORN)

Orion Protocol is also among the top-performing cryptocurrencies within the DeFi space that have demonstrated high gains in the past 30-days. Orion Protocol’s weighted growth in the past 30-days has been 35.30% and its unit price currently stands at $3.97 per ORN.

There are many investors who are currently trading in Orion Protocol, which is why its trading volume in the past 24-hours is worth $17,404,994.

If Orion Protocol continues growing at a fast rate and more investors continue buying it, then Orion Protocol’s price may surge to $4.53 per ORN.

Even in the past 24-hours, Orion Protocol’s price has continued rising and the growth rate recorded is 3.78%. Once again it is very promising for the investors investing in Orion Protocol as the price of the digital may continue growing in size.

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